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Jake (born: May 28, 1995 [age 28]), better known online as Jakerton (or Jakey), is an American YouTuber mostly and commonly known for his reactions to funny memes or compilations via Discord, TikTok, or his Subreddit (r/Jakertown). Buy Jakerton Merch Here!

Jakerton Merch

About Jakerton Merch

Jake, often known online as Jakerton (or Jakey) and born on May 28, 1995 (age 28), is a popular American YouTuber who is most known for his humorous commentary on memes and compilations posted on Discord, TikTok, and his own Subreddit (r/Jakertown). He is also notable for buying a hamster and naming him Hampter in homage to the meme of the same name after laughing in a “you laugh, you lose” challenge video on December 19, 2021. He frequently attracts attention by creating YouTube Shorts that swiftly become viral.

Now, my group and I design a line of themed apparel that includes items and costumes that reflect many life philosophies. With imagination, bravery, and originality ingrained in us, we’re trying to launch a line of innovative products that convey our beliefs in delightful and engaging ways.

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Jakerton Merch

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